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My Story

We are all born pure and whole with a balanced mind-body-spirit connection. Through life’s many facets this balance changes, blocks occur, and it can become difficult to remove that which no longer serve us.

At Pure Being our aim is to guide you back home, back to your heart – back to the pure essence that is within you. Pure being is a place where you can be relaxed, calm, and true to yourself. It’s an active and attainable new way of being – it’s a lifestyle.

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Sessions and Classes

At Pure Being classes are your practice that you have the power to create into a healthy habit in your life. For this reason we call classes Practice.

At Pure Being sessions bring relief to the body, they cleanse, calm, and clear. For this reason we call sessions Heal.

Practice and Heal


Yoga is a beautiful way to invest time in yourself. Through breathwork, yoga poses, and meditation we are able to return to our pure selves and recconect our bodies with our minds.

Yoga is for all ages and abilities. It boosts vitality and re-balances our energy fields, it opens our hearts and minds to better understand and value ourselves, and it teaches us to listen to everything our body has to tell us.

At Pure Being we focus on Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles. We offer adult, kids, teen’s and corporate yoga well-being programs, as well as pranayama (breath) focused classes. Find more information on Pure Being Yoga here.


Get started with your Complimentary Toolbox

There are many things we can do to nourish and take care of our mind and spirit. In the same way that we take care of our physical bodies, by paying attention to our hygiene, sleeping, hydrating or exercising, we can incorporate simple routines into our daily life to nourish our entire being and create a positive change in our lives.

Sign up below and receive 4 complimentary resources, created by founder Ivonne Salman. These are simple techniques that will help you nourish your essence by reconnecting and awakening your pure being.

  • Breathing Technique
  • Space clearing 101: the basics
  • Creating your sacred space
  • Guided meditation to help you connect with your pure essence

Practice & Heal

With your wishes and intentions at the center, we integrate a range of therapies, and guidance, and together we map out a unique journey, on which you will be able to loosen emotional and physical blocks and discover the pure essence of you.


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