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Ivonne Salman is a holistic practitioner and yoga instructor, with a multitude of certifications and qualifications. She resides in Dubai with her husband and their four gorgeous children.

As an intuitive soul coach and energy activist her passion for wellness and wellbeing as a lifestyle laid the groundwork to start Pure Being.

Here is her story…

Antipolo “My Story” by Ivonne Salman

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” I would ask myself and others this question so often and it intensified when I turned 37. I had already become a lot of things – I was a mother, I held a degree in International Relations, dabbled in baking, party planning and many other things. It would seem that I had long discovered who and what I wanted to be. Yet there I was, 40 around the corner, sensing that my soul had a purpose yet to be fulfilled…

conocer chicas solteras cochabamba And this is when the journey towards Pure Being began…

Years of perfectionism and hard work had led me to successes and smiles from those around me, but I was exhausted! I knew that It was time to listen to my heart and respect my wishes. Rather than living the version of myself I had created and felt I needed to be, it was time to return to my inherent natural self.

I was born in Mexico City and had a wonderful upbringing. Raised between Mexico and the United States, I was surrounded by a large loving family and deep cultural roots; I was a girl in harmony.

I had a gift for intuition, I was sensitive to other people, their emotions and energies, and in return I was able to build trust and solid exchanges with those around me. This ability never faded, but took a backseat to the career decisions I thought I had to make, in order to have a successful life and family.

I knew in my heart that this innate ability and gift was part of the answer. This was who I Sneek was, not something I had learned to be. What I didn’t know was that the first person I had to tune into, was myself.

One day guided by my heart, I started attending a restorative yoga class – it was like a great big hug, and brought back my sense of self love and worthiness. I joined a Zumba class soon after - fun and unpredictable, and I felt powerful again. Steadily doors kept opening themselves to me, angels would present themselves when I needed them the most; holistic therapies that I had always been drawn to, things that had brought me joy from childhood, all reintroducing themselves to me. Before long I found myself following my passions and my natural gifts, on a path to becoming a holistic practitioner and yoga instructor.

I had felt stress and sadness in my life. I had felt despair and emptiness – even at the times where I felt like I was making every right decision. It were alternative therapies that would resonate with me the most. Through holistic therapy and yoga I was able to find true joy and harmony again. Through helping others, I was living the purest version of myself, honoring my soul’s purpose. I was happy, and guess what? My loved ones were still smiling and I was no longer exhausted. I learned and practiced self love.

I knew that if I could turn my life around, so could others! And that is how Pure Being was born; a place where you can dive underneath the surface of your being and emerge with newfound clarity and joy. A place where you will be understood and come home to your true essence, the purest version of yourself. Your whole and beautiful self.


  • Angel Attunement of Light and Usui Reiki with Joanna Mcdonald
  • Reflexology by BodySava Balancing the Chakras Certification
  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance Certified with Yoga First
  • Reiki Master Teacher with Nazish Khan at the IPHM certified Illumintaions
  • 60 Hour Teen Yoga Certification with Charlotta Martinus Founder of Teen Yoga
  • Crystals and Reiki 101, online with Angela Webster
  • Advanced Crystal Healing Certification with Shere at the IPHM certified Essentia
  • Access Consciousness Bars with Nazish Khan at Illuminations
  • Yin Yoga Online Course with Bernie Sanders
  • De-Mistifying Mindfulness online course with Coursera from Leiden University
  • First Aid, CPR and AED Certified by Caduceus
  • EFT level 1 with Rita at The Change Associates
  • 95 Hour Kids Yoga, Yoga Alliance Certification with Sasha Quince from Lets Go Yoga
  • Chakra Healing and Balancing Practitioner Certification, online course with Julie Jenkins from the Natura Training Institute of Natural Healing
  • SRT Training with Nadia Sidiqui

I am eternally grateful to all of the teachers that have lit my way and inspired me. Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. The teacher and the student find each other serendipitously and by walking on each other’s shoulders we continue on this journey all together as one because the universe has our back and as everything is energy we are exactly where we are meant to be.

Starnberg What we seek is seeking us. ~Rumi